Five Windows to Joy

Doing my Beauty Duty

I go away for five days. Not Big Away, but just out of town to a pretty place. I feel fortunate for a glimmer of space away from responsibilities. I soak up the sights and sounds of serenity and serious rain.
If I get on my high horse, I can say, well, it’s my Beauty Duty. After all, I support the creative well-being of others. I need to walk the talk.

Julia Cameron calls it ‘filling the well‘.

So it’s my duty to top up my beauty quotient; to pay attention to sensory delight.
That’s my rationale and I’m sticking to it!

Away at the watery boaty pretty place, I choose to make art.

First up, I slap down pre-painted papers: magazine pages, sheet music, fragments of the paper they wrapped around the seafood. Don’t worry – this wrapping didn’t make direct fish contact. Otherwise – ugh – odiferous collage.

Swain collage bluegreen

Watery Boaty Papery

I pull some window

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Whatever you think of Eat, Pray, Love

(plenty of people go hohumm about this book)
(I boldly declare I like it),

you might enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on the creative process.
I know I do.

Sally Swain

Inspired by Summer Solstice
play-in-progress stage 1        Sally Swain original art

Maybe you’ll feel like gobbling, imbibing, EATING her words.
You might experience them as a PRAYER to creativity.
She might help you fall in LOVE

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