Bird O’Clock

Celebrating Community and Mystery

(Art and Soul Space blog’s first birthday continues through the month of May.
Why not?)

bird paint and collage

Blue Bird O’Clock
Sally Swain © original art

What I remember:

Late last year, a blogger used the phrase ‘Bird O’Clock’. This sparked my visual imagination. I promised (or threatened) to create an artwork. I went into paintage mode. Paintage is my term for painting plus collage.

Paintage =

more fun than the coverall ‘mixed media’+ it sounds French, so it must be arty.

I searched for bird and clock images in magazines. I found plenty – enough for two pictures. I’ll share the process of one of these paintages…and show you the other one next week if you’re up for it.

First: collage,

bird paint collage

Blue Bird O’Clock
Sally Swain © original art

then a blue wash over each of them.

bird paint collage

Blue Bird O’Clock
play-in-progress 2
Sally Swain © original art

I let them sit until I knew what to do next.

Pause pause pause

Breathe breathe breathe

Live live live

Busy busy busy

Many moons later I returned to the pictures.

I found the images that wanted to be found. I brought them through.

In one case a woman.

In the other – surprise surprise – a bird.

bird paint collage

Blue Bird O’Clock
Sally Swain © original art

bird paint and collage

Blue Bird O’Clock
Sally Swain © original art

The Mystery

Here’s the thing.

I want to acknowledge and thank that fine blogger who coined the ‘Bird O’Clock’ phrase. Was it you?

I’m sorry to say I don’t recall who it was, and I place a lot of value on giving credit where it’s due.


My strategy:

I will mention a few of the blogs I love.


  1. this will reveal the Bird O’Clock originator
  2. and it is an act of connecting with creativity in community, which is, after all, Art and Soul Space’s intention.

The Creative Love Exchange lives!

Please feel free to check out the following blogs. I recommend them all.

And dear Bird O’Clock originator, please come forward. And thank you thank you thank you for your inspiration.

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