The Divine Ms U

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Ulli Hansen

Ulli Hansen

Welcome to the world of the amazing technicolour Ulli Hansen,
who landed in Art and Soul at the turn of the millennium.

I called her the grooviest woman-in-her-sixties I knew.
Later, the grooviest woman-in-her-seventies.

divulging too many age trade secrets – shhh – I shall now dub her the Divine Ms Ulli.

This fine human you see before you, donning her most sombre headgear, channels creativity through every skin pore, heart cell and soul fibre. She hums, drums, gongs, tones, photographs, writes, paints, plays and connects creatively with other beings around the globe.

(An aside: I wonder, dear Reader, do you see creativity as a transferable capacity that can stretch across expressive forms?)

Here’s a little piece from our featured Art and Soulie.

A Divine Ms U morsel. Enjoy.

Dancing Shadows Ulli Hansen © artwork

Dancing Shadows
Ulli Hansen © artwork

This is to be

an ode to today’s creative mode.

with much gratitude

to my garden.


This morning I walked one hundred steps


whilst looking



This morning I also planted

eleven nasturtium seeds around my garden.

I had planted six seeds about two months ago

of which two have survived and blossomed.

I particularly love the bright orange nasturtiums

that nestle amongst soft green maidenhair fern.


I am writing this story standing at my desk

because words flow more freely that way.


Now I am gazing out the window.

at some bright green bushes

swaying in a gentle breeze.

Sunlight is creating their dancing  shadows

on a white painted brick wall.


I take a deep breath and as I

stand with eyes closed I am reminded

of yesterday when I stood barefoot

in my garden

and heard these words….


“Breathe in the Elixir of Love

It’s free

A Divine gift.

Stand straight and tall

Be sensitive to your naked feet

Let them feel your roots

as your body makes love

with Mother (our Mother) Earth.

and remember to tread carefully

along Life’s Holy Track

in your particular creative way”.

Ulli Hansen nasturtium

Ulli Hansen © artwork



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  1. I like Ulli’s poetry and photography. I hope she combines the two into a book, or ten. And yes, I agree with Sally – creativity does transfer across forms. For instance, there have been loads of musicians who have also produced wonderful drawings and paintings (e.g. Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson) Creativity is most definitely transferable…..

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