for Arts Therapists

Draw and Pour for Arts Therapists
monthly-ish online gatherings
for Making Art while Talking Heart
2.5 hours CPD
upcoming/recent gatherings…
Saturday 5th November, 2022
Saturday 10th December, 2022

10.00am to 12.30pm AEDT    online 
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for ongoing inspiration, support, community
An example of a previous gathering…
Draw and Pour for Arts Therapists
Saturday 29th May, 2021
10.00am to 12.30pm AEST    online 


the Artist in the Arts Therapist

What does creativity teach you?
How does your personal creative process inform your work with others?
Where does artistry live in the work of an arts therapist?

Long ago, I told a friend, ‘But I’m not painting at the moment.’
Their reply? ‘You’re painting your life.’

Let’s look at how your art-making – drawing, dancing, drumming, painting, printmaking, playwriting – relates
to your arts therapy professional practice.

Possibly you put your personal art on hold in order to construct and maintain a therapy practice and you can’t wait to get back to the studio
…ohh… some time in the future.
Possibly your artist and arts therapist roles are inextricably, flowingly integrated and you perceive arts therapy as a wholistic interpersonal creative exchange of exploration and expression; question and response. Yes. Wow.

Or does the artist/arts therapist relationship
look entirely different for you?

Let’s get together on Zoom from far and wide. Let’s wonder with our hearts, wander with our brushes and connect with creativity in community.

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More general info below about what to expect in a Draw and Pour gathering
was the theme for our arts therapist community gathering
Saturday 24th April



Kindfulness = Mindfulness + Self-compassion (in the world according to Sally Swain)

How might we bring kindfulness to ourselves in our professional lives?   There can moments, or entire years, with clients, where we doubt our enoughness. Or our too-muchness. Where we fear we aren’t good enough/don’t know enough to best serve the client.   Worse – that we might be actively contributing to distress. Impostor syndrome is rife!

How about those moments we are triggered into our own ‘stuff’, where countertransference might cloud our intuitive wisdom? Those moments – ahh – what if we felt free to breathe, to shine a light of loving, accepting awareness on our selves? Might such kindfulness help soothe and sustain us in our work and our lives; helping to create space for strength, self-belief and clarity of direction?

Our Arty Hearty Therapist e-newsletter includes creations made by Draw and Pour participants:
Arty Hearty Therapist 2
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Draw and Pour for Arts Therapists
connect with creativity in community
in an affirming atmosphere of 
Art, Heart and Realness
Saturday March 20th 
 group size limited to 10 for maximum safety and nourishment
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little artwork made before, during and after a Draw and Pour session. It went through many transformations before arriving at this one

We have an opportunity to lusciously make art

in a community of others who speak the same language (arts-therapEASE)

Draw and Pour for Arts Therapists
originated by Sally Swain from Sydney, has been happening
approximately monthly since mid 2020
See below for more info and testimonials

Universal Teacup

Whether you’ve found your way into this nourishing online community previously,

or whether you feel a small soft Yes forming only now,

you are welcome.

We combine mindfulness, kindfulness, silence and speaking

Art is at the core
of Draw and Pour

Grief and Loss is our starting point for creative conversation on Saturday 27th February.   How do you make space for grief in your personal and professional spheres? Do you find ways to respond creatively, therapeutically to grieving and loss? Do you notice shifts and changes working (or not working) in this realm over 2020 and coming into 2021?

Perhaps these glowing words might entice you further:

‘What a gift to receive. To experience what it’s like to be held in the sphere of felt creativity again…

It was an affirming reminder to me of what I offer as an art therapist. In my professional isolation this had been lost. In Draw and Pour it was re-found….

What remains is the experience of having been held in my exploration as I hold others. This was so very validating.

How important it is for us, in our unusual profession, to support each other and recognise the value in what we do.’                 Marg Coutts     2020

See below

for more info about what to expect from a Draw and Pour gathering

and for a Contact form to email Sally

Let’s continue monthly with these gorgeous gatherings.

Let’s continue to explore, empower, refine, clarify, connect, create, replenish, build community.

‘Draw and Pour was wonderful.

I loved the forum for exploring my art-therapist self and feeling safe enough to put myself out there. Thank you for holding that space for me and everyone to explore deeply felt and deeply thought issues.’   Marg C

‘I found it rich and explorative … Saturday really helped me clarify my direction and the things I am passionate about.’   Pearl T

‘a sense of solidarity in the community of art therapists … loved the art-making focussed on art therapy’  Anne-Maree A

Draw and Pour for Arts Therapists

Connect with Creativity in Community

Unfurl. Nourish your practice as an artist and arts therapist.

In a Draw and Pour gathering, you talk, listen, draw (make art) and pour (your tea). It’s a simple, unique combination of structure and freedom, akin to an old-fashioned sewing circle.

Draw and Pour for Arts Therapists is designed to allow authentic, meaningful, professional connection, while placing creativity at the core. We engage with mindfulness and guided explorations. We share stories of working (or not working) as arts therapists in these topsy-turvy times. We tap the group wisdom to support and resource one another.

Together we weave a web of interdependent creative care.

Draw and Pour is open to arts therapists across the diverse range of experience and geographies      

Sally Swain AThR        

artist, art therapist, author, creativity coach

has been running Art and Soul since 1993, supporting individuals and groups to blossom. She worked as an art therapist in aged care over several years. Sally recently initiated and facilitated the ANZACATA-supported Creative Sustenance for Arts Therapists workshops. She loves creative community-building.

‘a sense of solidarity in the community of art therapists … loved the art-making focussed on art therapy’  Anne-Maree A

‘Thank you for offering and facilitating an open, generous and beautiful space for creative expression and sustenance!’ Julianne A

‘I have found the group and space for creativity a great way to refocus on myself and my work’ Liz F

‘Great to be part of something bigger than me and making art with like-minded people … Just being involved in the program and making art, taking the time for myself was the self care I needed’ Mara L