I wish you a JOYful New Year

Little Arty Joy Book

is an Art and Soul playshop coming up soon.
(See the Offerings page on this website)

Here’s a Fat Book of Positivity that helped to inspire it.

Fat Book of Positivity Sally Swain and others

Fat Book of Positivity
Sally Swain and others

This was a frabjous art swap I engaged in 

as part of the Art Therapy + Happiness 2015 Project.

You ponder a positive emotion, you play with art materials and make several little pages. You post them off in the truly old-fashioned snail mail service, then sit back and wait for envelopes from around the world to kerfloof into your non-electronic, hard copy mailbox. 

Positivity Book innards

Positivity Book innards

You ping with JOY each time you receive a hand-made arty page from someone you’ve never met from a place you’ve never been. In your actual letterbox. 
Who ever gets pleasurable snail mail of the paper variety any more?
A treat.

May 2016 be resplendent with riches of the arty soulful kind.

May you bask in the glow and flow of the Creative Love Exchange.

May your heart, mind, body, spirit be well-nourished and fulfilled.

Hope, Joy and more

Hope, Joy and more

Love to you
and thanks for being part of my life.


10 thoughts on “I wish you a JOYful New Year

  1. What a joy to wait for and receive those pages! Beautiful. And I love the shhhhhh in the word ‘well-nourished’ in your poem.
    I have become obsessed – but that is the wrong word – taken up and delighted by my discovery in 2015 of art being everywhere. It is, and the camera on my phone is getting an intense work-out.

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  2. Sounds wonderful – and I just read your “about.” An art therapist working with elders – fabulous! You’re putting my and my partner’s work together so we’d be right at home with you. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to Australia.

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