Meet Qinka

Creative Spirit

Qinka - Creative Spirit Being Sally Swain original artwork

Qinka – Creative Spirit

Ask her a question about your creativity.

Listen for an answer. Words promise to blossom from her flower mouth.

Qinka’s hands make art.

Her arms embrace

the dance of creative life. She freely stomps, boogies and twirls, even though bits of her are liable to fly off.
Qinka is wrapped in beads, wool, ribbon. She grew from a humble rusty spoon, two chopsticks and some fruit bag mesh. And so can you. Grow your extraordinary creative spirit self from the daily workings of who you are and what is already there.

Qinka is wild and wise.

Wild and wise.

She knows a thing or two about dwelling fully in the heart and belly of the beast that is creative process. She is open. She won’t chide you about ‘mistakes’. She’s into happy accidents. She is compassionate. If it comes to feeling stuck or blocked – well – she’s been there.

She’s patient. She didn’t even have hands for the whole first week of her life. She’s divinely playful, bursting with Lila, and yet she takes your questions, your doubts, your fears about creativity very seriously.

Go on – ask Qinka a question about your creativity. Share her reply here, or write or draw it in your journal.

{Qinka was inspired by the lively spirit doll Janet McLeod made for the Art Therapy + Happiness Project, which was in turn inspired by the astoundingly beautiful, viscerally affecting work of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers}

And…your opinion please on a deeply important matter.
How should we pronounce Qinka?

Vote before the polls close on Friday 31st July!


7 thoughts on “Meet Qinka

  1. Perhaps she’s really ‘Chinka’. Sorry, had to put a ‘chink’ in the poll 🙂 But otherwise, I’d go with Kinka.

    And a question for her: What should I do Qinka? I’m bored with drawing the same thing. How can I draw something different that’s inspiring?

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  2. Hello Trish. I just heard Qinka celebrate your fabulous left field creativity.
    She says you are exercising your creative playful spirit with your whole new Chinka pronunciation idea. She also wonders whether you registered your Kinka vote in the poll above.
    And she is currently considering your drawing question. Let’s await her response.


  3. Dear Trish
    Qinka says:
    ‘What is this ‘same thing’ you are drawing?
    What is it from different angles? Upside down?
    Can you swoosh fresh colours on it?
    Can you bring your creative, playfulness along?
    Gently wash the eyes of your soul, with sunlight sprinkles and the softest oh the very softest raindrops.’


  4. PS Trish and any other creative seekers –
    Qinka told me that she listens intently to your question,
    tunes in on a deep woollen beaded level,
    speaks a maximum of fifty words,
    then does a twirly dance to complete her response.

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