Whatever you think of Eat, Pray, Love

(plenty of people go hohumm about this book)
(I boldly declare I like it),

you might enjoy Elizabeth Gilbert’s thoughts on the creative process.
I know I do.

Sally Swain

Inspired by Summer Solstice
play-in-progress stage 1        Sally Swain original art

Maybe you’ll feel like gobbling, imbibing, EATING her words.
You might experience them as a PRAYER to creativity.
She might help you fall in LOVE

with creativity.

Here’s an interview from Books and Arts, Radio National.
Yup. It’s that Oz radio station again. The one I want to EAT, PRAY to and already do LOVE.

Here’s the link for interview with Elizabeth Gilbert
and another way in to this sparkling interview.

Elizabeth speaks of creative engagement as one of the most interesting relationships imaginable.

She sees creativity as

a relationship between human beings and the mysteries of inspiration.

The mysteries of inspiration. Yesssss.

Involvement with creativity is ‘the coolest way you can spend your life’.


What's happening to the Summer Solstice picture? Sally Swain play-in-progress 2

What’s happening to the Summer Solstice picture? It’s the mystery of inspiration in action.
Sally Swain original art play-in-progress 2


Sally Swain art

Sailing Inwards?                                                                       What’s the title of this Sally Swain evolving play-in-progress stage 3?
The picture that doesn’t at all evoke Summer Solstice and is taking on a life of its own via the Art of Emergence…..

Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear is Elizabeth’s recent book. She’s also done terrific TED talks, but perhaps we’ll save that for another time.

Meanwhile, how about pondering, valuing, eating, praying, loving the MYSTERIES OF INSPIRATION.
And helping me name my mysterious play-in-progress.



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  1. Enjoyed Eat Pray love. But her novel Signature of all Things is brilliant. Robin williams from ABC Science Show gave it his book of the year recommendation.

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