Why oh why do I love this gate so?

Favourite Gate

Favourite Gate

And what might be its connection with creativity?


why am I having heart palpitations sending out an Art and Soul Space blog post without clearly explicated creativity content and focus?

Please supply answers.

Still my favourite gate

Still my favourite gate

Up close and personal with the fluffiest gate I know

Up close and personal with the fluffiest gate I know. Still my favourite.

And could fluffy fungus form part of the answer to these questions?

And the organic intermingling of nature and manufactured objects?
And the fact that this gate lives in a sacred place of creative retreat?


You tell me.


6 thoughts on “Why oh why do I love this gate so?

  1. Seeing art everywhere
    Those words form a mediation in my mind.
    In the fragility of the fluffy feathery fungus
    I see something beautiful
    I sense the sacred
    I feel moved
    I am still

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    • O Margot! More of your divine poetry. Fragility of the fluffy feathery fungus.
      And I looove the way you express feeling moved yet being still. What wondrous complex humans we are!


  2. Sally , I love this gate too ! – the way it’s alive and decaying, shaped and transforming, wooden and feathery, moss softening human intent. Thank you for sharing and asking.
    Sally G

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