Art and Soulstice

To share or not to share my shadow side?
To show or not to show
the art that is darker,
grizzlier, more sombre?

It’s a true dilemma that niggles at my artist (and social media) self.

I trace the dilemma back at least 28 years, to the success of my first book, ‘Great Housewives of Art’.

Great Housewives of Art feminist humorous pastiche

Great Housewives of Art
cover of very first edition
Grafton HarperCollins
Sorry about slightly crooked photo. I have a slightly crooked relationship with this creation.

This book blessed and

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Who’s the Dinosaur?

Then I had a week in which people from my long-ago world kept surfacing. In person, on social media; some were alive; some were not.

Emotions stirred, swirled, whirled.

I walked at night past an inner city shop – Dove and Lyre Fossils and Crystals. There was a dinosaur footprint sitting in the window. 

Dinosaur footprint in  Dove and Lyre shop

Dinosaur footprint
Dove and Lyre shop

A dinosaur footprint?

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Oh Bowie Oh

Space Odditea.

That’s what I called my 2013 exhibition at

Beyond the Ordinary Teahouse. Surprise surprise – lots of teacups.

Would you like to see the painting I called ‘Space Odditea’? It’s never before been seen by non-Sally eyes.
If not now, when?

Space Odditea Sally Swain © original art

Space Odditea
Sally Swain © original art

I thought it wasn’t

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At first it felt weird for me…

Art and Soulie Spot 5

stories from the creative path

Introducing…ta daaa….Val Andrews…

Val Andrews is a visual artist who writes about the creative process.

Orchid woman in green Val Andrews © original art

Orchid woman in green
Val Andrews © original art

Here is her story –

“For me, the art-making experience started in childhood, and soon became a great escape from the stress in my troubled family.

I would hide in my bedroom and draw convoluted patterns as a way of focusing on something other than what was happening in my home.

Over the years the patterns became

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The Divine Ms U

Art and Soulie Spot 4
stories from the creative path

Ulli Hansen

Ulli Hansen

Welcome to the world of the amazing technicolour Ulli Hansen,
who landed in Art and Soul at the turn of the millennium.

I called her the grooviest woman-in-her-sixties I knew.
Later, the grooviest woman-in-her-seventies.

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Red Girl Paves the Way

Art and Soulie Spot #3

stories from the creative path

Friends, creators, Art and Soulies, you have Sarah Gibson’s Red Girl to thank for the existence of one-on-one Creativity Coaching sessions.

The amazing Sarah came to one of my groups back in 1998. Her partner had recently died. She kept asking if I would sit with her while she painted. I wasn’t sure. I’d been running groups for several years, but was unconfident, shaky, shy and couldn’t

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Is this OK? A bit of trumpet blowing?

The wonderful Val Andrews interviewed me.

Via the miracle of Skype, we chatted intimately across the miles and miles of ocean between Australia and England.

Talking of oceans, Val sails a proud boat of creativity. She paints, prints, writes, mentors.
Her book, ‘Art for Happiness – finding your creative process and using it’ comes highly recommended.

So now for the tricky bit.
Is it OK to share the interview with you? Do I dare?
Am I blowing my own trumpet? Well, yes, I guess. 
I tentatively make my brassy sounds in the hope that they…

do be do be daa daa…

might inspire and fire your own creativity, whether it’s in a Big Band Glen Miller parp parpeedoo way, or a little lone trumpet on a soulful pink hill fweee way.

Let yourself express your unique YOUness.

Interview with a Creativity Coach & Art Therapist

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Art and Soulie Spot 2

Stories from the Creative Path

Introducing…the woman who listened to the sky…

the multi-talented…

Linda Neil

Linda Neil

The woman with roses growing out of her brain
Linda Neil original art

In her own words:

the woman who listened to the sky: living locally with love and gratitude

At the beginning of 2014, after many hectic years studying, writing, performing and travelling, changing health circumstances indicated my life needed a complete overhaul.

Without any clear idea about

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The Inaugural Art and Soulie Spot

Stories from the Creative Path

Introducing….Clache Raong

How exciting! Clache is our Inaugural Art and Soulie sharing her creativity story with us in the Art and Soulie Spot.

We hope to inspire you to begin or continue on your own creative journey.

The delightful Clache appeared in Creative Heart playshop series a few years back, bringing with her an irrepressible sense of wonder as she danced through the ups and downs of creativity … and life.

She discovered plasticine (modelling clay-type-stuff) hiding at the bottom of the art trolley. She began to paint with it. As a creativity coach, I have the privilege of seeing an endless variety of approaches to art materials and processes. Each creator and creation is unique.

But for me, this joyful act of Painting with Plasticine was new – a revelation!

Painting with Plasticine Clara Cheong

Painting with Plasticine
Clache Raong

paint with plasticine

Painting with Plasticine
Clache Raong

In Clache’s words…

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