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Introducing…the woman who listened to the sky…

the multi-talented…

Linda Neil

Linda Neil

The woman with roses growing out of her brain
Linda Neil original art

In her own words:

the woman who listened to the sky: living locally with love and gratitude

At the beginning of 2014, after many hectic years studying, writing, performing and travelling, changing health circumstances indicated my life needed a complete overhaul.

Without any clear idea about

the changes ahead, I left my inner city cottage and went to stay with my new friend Wendy.

Although fully engaged in the outside world, Wendy had created another unique world in the outer city suburb where she lived: she kept chickens, grew vegetables in her flourishing back yard and lived without a tv, dvd or stereo system . She was also a great cook and seamstress and always seemed to have some DIY creative project on the go.

While I lived with Wendy I learned how to slow down and pay attention to the detailed rhythms of daily life and when I moved into a flat close by,

as a thankyou gift for Wendy I made a pen and ink drawing celebrating the minutiae of her life.

It was the first time in years I had made any visual art and its simplicity came from a space of gratitude and celebration.

I continued exploring that space after I moved, as, after many years of moving and travelling, I learned to live locally and appreciate the unexpected treasures that I found just outside my door. 

On a nearby corner, for instance, I found an art shop where I bought paper and pastels; my local newsagent sold fine art and metallic paint pens; up the road, I discovered a two dollar bazaar that stocked a rich supply of crafty things — paper flowers, coloured butterflies, and sparkly stars. The materials I gathered were simple and humble, childlike. They suited the pictures I continued to make in gratitude and celebration  — as engagement, birthday and thankyou gifts for friends here and around the world.

And when there was no one specific to thank and my future stretched ahead of me like a great unknown I took up my pens and pastels, entered into that heart art space and created “the woman who listened to the sky” series as a collection of sweet and soulful signposts to guide and inspire my spirit, heal my heart, and celebrate the beautiful life that was still available to me.

I hope they might inspire and heal you too.

Linda Neil

The woman whose tears turned into diamonds
Linda Neil original art

Linda Neil

The woman who brought down the sun
Linda Neil original art

Sally’s words:

You can watch a slideshow of this series of Linda’s images, accompanied by her own song. Click here: the woman who listened to the sky.

And at this very moment, Linda is running a crowdfunding campaign to raise dollars to make a CD of her ‘Beautiful on the Inside’ songs. Here’s the link: Beautiful on the inside.

Linda’s artwork photographed by Paul Neil


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    • Yes – art can take you to so many wonderful places. It’s an amazing resource. Literally at our fingertips. Let’s continue to share the joy.
      And yes – Linda is a beautiful, inspiring woman.
      Minuscule Moments – It’d be great to hear more of your experience with art as therapy.

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