The Inaugural Art and Soulie Spot

Stories from the Creative Path

Introducing….Clache Raong

How exciting! Clache is our Inaugural Art and Soulie sharing her creativity story with us in the Art and Soulie Spot.

We hope to inspire you to begin or continue on your own creative journey.

The delightful Clache appeared in Creative Heart playshop series a few years back, bringing with her an irrepressible sense of wonder as she danced through the ups and downs of creativity … and life.

She discovered plasticine (modelling clay-type-stuff) hiding at the bottom of the art trolley. She began to paint with it. As a creativity coach, I have the privilege of seeing an endless variety of approaches to art materials and processes. Each creator and creation is unique.

But for me, this joyful act of Painting with Plasticine was new – a revelation!

Painting with Plasticine Clara Cheong

Painting with Plasticine
Clache Raong

paint with plasticine

Painting with Plasticine
Clache Raong

In Clache’s words…

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