What would you like to bring to fruition

in the new year?

And what’s wrong with pears anyway?

I’ve never understood why Pear-shaped means something’s gone wrong.

Pears are beautiful.

They’re smooth, balanced and voluptuous. They are nature’s art – alive and juicy. They even stand up by themselves. Perhaps they need to stand up for themselves, along with their pear supporters.

art Swain vision pear sculpture

Pear-shaped World 2
Sally Swain © original art
2017 vision

What do you think is a

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Looking backwards, floating forwards

Beyond our control, whether we like it or not,

2016 slurps, skids, stutters and slides into 2017.

How is this time of year for you?

Swain painting dream

The Dream
Sally Swain
© original art

Are you adrift in the sea-sky

of the supposed festive season?

Are you firmly grounded in the daily laundry of life?

Are you lonely or surrounded by love?

Or both?

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