Looking backwards, floating forwards

Beyond our control, whether we like it or not,

2016 slurps, skids, stutters and slides into 2017.

How is this time of year for you?

Swain painting dream

The Dream
Sally Swain
© original art

Are you adrift in the sea-sky

of the supposed festive season?

Are you firmly grounded in the daily laundry of life?

Are you lonely or surrounded by love?

Or both?

Will you have a chance to reflect on the smooth and gritty times of the past year? Can you find space to gather yourself, glean goodies or learnings? What values, attitudes or CREATIVE ACTS could help you sustain your fine self well into the unfolding of the new year?

In a dream some summers ago, I was floating – or would you call it flying? – through the day sky. I wore a nightie. I had my legs on backwards. It wasn’t a bad feeling; quite pleasant actually.

My waking self was intrigued. What did this dream mean? How did it resonate?

I painted a picture, simply called ‘The Dream’.

Recently, I rediscovered the painting. It seems perfect for right now. I see a woman wafting through the day-for-night space between Christmas and New Year. She looks backwards, yet floats forwards.

Hang on. Now I’m not sure. Is she moving leftwards or rightwards?

Am I being shown that time is not linear?

Time is not linear.

Woah. There’s enough brain-food for another year’s (or lifetime’s) worth of arty ruminations.

I wonder, what do you see in this dreamscape?


What is it like to digest the year that’s been,

while Time continues to do its mysterious thing

and move along, around and about?


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