Get that light into you

sunrays green pink photo

Who’dve thought sunrays could be so pink?

It’s ‘the blending of earthly and celestial life’,

according to Mr Free Play*.

Get that light into you.

C’mon. Drink

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Bricolage. A fancy name for

making do.

With bricolage, you play with the materials at hand, even if they are old soggy paint-logged facial tissues.

‘These magical acts of creation are analogous to pulling a large amount of rabbit from a small amount of hat.’ 

says Stephen Nachmanovitch in ‘Free Play – the Power of Improvisation in  Life and the Arts’. *

bricolage tissue watercolour painting

Sally Swain © original art
picture made from other people’s leftover paint tissues, plus glue, watercolour, pen.
Quite 3 dimensional. Coiled tissue pirals in the centre.

Remember a couple of

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