Happy blogday

How might I help you make a commitment to YOUR creativity?
I would indeed like to.

Swain art mandala fabric

Fruity Dreaming Mandala
Sally Swain © original art
vision for the year

It’s been two years of Friday snippets and snoppets.
Two years of shaping

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What Makes the Soul of a Nation?

I challenge you to write a list.

brain cosmos art Swain

Sally Swain
© original art inspired by Radio National program ‘All in the Mind’

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Art and Soulstice

To share or not to share my shadow side?
To show or not to show
the art that is darker,
grizzlier, more sombre?

It’s a true dilemma that niggles at my artist (and social media) self.

I trace the dilemma back at least 28 years, to the success of my first book, ‘Great Housewives of Art’.

Great Housewives of Art feminist humorous pastiche

Great Housewives of Art
cover of very first edition
Grafton HarperCollins
Sorry about slightly crooked photo. I have a slightly crooked relationship with this creation.

This book blessed and

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I wish you a JOYful New Year

Little Arty Joy Book

is an Art and Soul playshop coming up soon.
(See the Offerings page on this website)

Here’s a Fat Book of Positivity that helped to inspire it.

Fat Book of Positivity Sally Swain and others

Fat Book of Positivity
Sally Swain and others

This was a frabjous art swap I engaged in 

as part of the Art Therapy + Happiness 2015 Project.

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