Tree Truth

This story straight out of the Creative Love Exchange

is Part one of a Treelogy

Tree Truth 1 Entwined

Tree Truth 1

A lovely Psychodrama person rings me from far yonder. She requests my arty input into a banner for this week’s Australia/NZ conference in Sydney.

I hum. I ha. I say

I’m delighted to be approached but I’m busy. Which I am.

Apart from everything else, I’m co-preparing a conference workshop called ‘Connecting with Creativity’.

Conference link here for you.

We explore her banner ideas. She has a hunch to use freshly shed bark from beautiful eucalypts. I’m a big one for affirming creative hunches.

We say our goodbyes. The phone receiver is about to hit its cradle – woop – when I say,

‘Hang on. I just remembered something. Don’t know if it’s any help. The conference theme is all about relationship, right?’

Specifically, it’s The Truth is in the Relationship.

I tell her about a couple of trees I love. They are entwined. I discovered them near work and I go visit them sometimes to wonder at their connectedness, their truth of relationship.

I send her a photo.

‘It’s nothing much’, I say. ‘The photo doesn’t do them justice’.

I underestimate the spirit of the two trees. She is bowled over and she too falls in love.

She’s inspired to include my tree photos and her bark in the banner.

Tree Truth 2

Tree Truth 2

I leave the phone call refreshed and reconnected with the psychodrama community.

The truth is in the relationship.

We’ve spontaneously stepped into a process of collaborative creativity.

We spark. We encourage each other.  We dwell in the Creative Love Exchange.

O joy.

We stay in touch with texts and photos of banner-in-progress.

I can’t resist making a return visit to the two trees. I take a distant photo.Hey. It’s not just two trees. They are not alone. There are others nearby.

The banner is large. She enlists the hands-on help of others. She and I are not alone. There are others nearby. A veritable community paints, stitches and assembles the large artwork. Welcome to the Creative Love Exchange.

Sociometry is a chunk of JL Moreno’s offering of Psychodrama to the world. It’s the study of groups. I send her a text with the Community of Trees photo.





13 thoughts on “Tree Truth

  1. Sally, thats such a great story! Aside from the fact that I now have so many questions about those trees, for now, I just want to share my perception – it looks as though the burnt tree is leaning into the un-burnt tree, asking it for life energy, and the un-burnt trees are standing around relaxed and just happy to be of service. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship….!

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    • I love that version of the story. And yes – the darker tree also looks to me as if it’s leaning into lighter tree. Do you know – that could be my compromised photography lighting skills, but the tree is not actually burnt?!?! It sure does look burnt tho.
      But I love love love your story, so let’s go with the Burnt and forget I just said that.

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    • Thank you kindly, Margie. I’m delighted to provide conference enhancement to you! And likewise…it was a joy to be with you. Wishing you an abundance of fire and water elements….


  2. Lovely story Sally. I love Soicometree, that makes me a (which I can’t pronounce!). Standing back seeing more trees sounds a bit like seeing the wood _and_ the trees.

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    • Thank you, oh Simon the Sociometreeist. Yup. A bit hard to pronounce, that one.
      Yeah – I like that.
      Seeing the wood AND the trees.
      That feels really special and suddenly brings a tear to my eye.
      So good to be in touch with you and Sara.


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