Gather. Envision. Create.

We Gather. 

We Envision.

We Create.

art journal Swain

Gather. Envision. Create.
Arts Therapy Conference 2017
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We are a mob of ooooh

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Art Therapy – the Movie

Radiatrix, Goddess of the Heating Element, embraces 
Art Therapy – the Movie.

found object sculpture Swain sunflower

Radiatrix, Goddess of the Heating Element
Sally Swain © original art

I made this sculpture out of a radiator and kitchen utensils way back in 1994. Radiatrix hung out for a while with Venus de Salad Bowl and Sunbeam Madonna and Her Winged Spirits in a shopfront at Walking the Street art festival in Newtown, Sydney. She then spent time in the 1995 State Library of NSW Australian Women Artists exhibition.

Today, those Spirits of the House are a bit dusty, scattered and paint-chipped, but still around. And ready to embrace an inspirational movie.

Meanwhile, Sally, Not-Goddess of

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