Tree Fern Woman

Wishing you peace, art and healing

for Easter,



Full Moon


Blue Moon.

I fell over in New Zealand. In February, I fell over in New Zealand Aoteaoroa outside Piha General Store. Just a little fall, but a pulsing ankle resulted.

How might I heal? How might any of us heal?

tree fern radiate art

Heart of the Tree Fern
Waitakere greenness




and….Tree Fern Woman.

A bit of art and

a bit of nature didn’t do any harm.

It helped.

It helped that I was staying in a cabin amongst the treetops, able to gaze softly into the heart of the fern.

It helped that I was able to ponder the spine of the kauri.

That ankle eased up in no time.

art healing fern NZ

Tree Fern Woman
Waitakere Ranges

Finally! I

am sharing glimpses of my nourishing NZ Aoteoroa holiday.

spirals art furniture

Spirals are Everywhere
(even on the balcony furniture)

cycles life death

Life from Death
Cycles in the Forest

It was a feed-the-artist retreaty time.

Pohutukawa Tree
divinely curvey and strong

A type of artist date. A breath of fresh air.
Of course, I had to photograph inspiring textures.

inspiring tree texture

Inspiring tree texture

rock texture

How’s this for a texture?
Is it a rock?
Is it a rock on a sandy beach?

nature textures

No. It’s a Tree.

Talking of textures, here’s a link to the notion of a Mindful Kindful Texture Walk.

And another textured blog piece. This one was 

What is the Texture of the South?

from my previous NZ visit two years earlier…to the Other Island.

And…ta daa…here’s Kauri Woman. She was also healing, I’d say.

kauri tree

Kauri Tree

kauri woman watercolour

Kauri Woman


Do you have any stories to share of art-nature healing?

mystery nature photo art

What is it?

with love, art and soul
from Sally


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