Do you have good memories

of a poetry book from childhood?
I am lucky enough to say YES.

The Golden Treasury of Poetry
by Louis Untermeyer

illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund

formed a substantial,  sumptuous part of my young self.


I confess I remember pictures and rhythms more than words. Images found their way into the innermost part of my make-up. I can’t recall specific details, but I know in my core the colour essence, the flavour, the sensory delight that fed me from age dot.

I wish to introduce to you…

A Boat of Stars.

childrens poetry book

A Boat of Stars cover

I got to experience the Sydney launch of this delicious anthology of poems. True to form, my visual artist self has mostly imbibed the illustrations, but hey – the poems are pretty damn fine too.

Margaret Connolly and Natalie Jane Prior are the esteemed editors.

kids poems

A Boat of Stars
back cover

A heap of writers and illustrators contributed.

They range from extremely experienced children’s book creators

Julie Vivas

Illustration by Julie Vivas

Kerry Argent

Illustration by Kerry Argent

to young novices.

Emily Grant illustrator

Illustration by Emily Grant

In the words of the editors:

Why isn’t more poetry published for children?
A couple of years ago, we realised that it was a long time since there had been an anthology of new Australian children’s poems.

Yet, children love poetry. They adore rhyme, rhythm, and words that can be memorised and chanted   ….

Since the book we wanted did not exist,

we decided to invite our friends and colleagues to help us make one.

Tamsin Ainslie illustration

Illustration by Tamsin Ainslie


Matt Shanks cow picture

Illustration by Matt Shanks

Go forth

Cheryl Orsini art

Illustration by Cheryl Orsini

and buy this luscious book.

A Boat of Stars – the publisher’s link

Sophie Masson is one of the highly experienced contributing poets. Here’s a link to her illuminating interview with the editors from her 
Feathers of the Firebird blog.

Sara Acton art

Illustration by Sara Acton

Let me know

any stories you have about children’s poems or illustrations.

What stays with YOU from childhood books?

with love, art and soul

from Sally


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  1. Great illustrations – oh, to be a little girl again, sitting in my own little chair, my basket of “Golden Books” by my side. I think I had them memorized as I read them so much. Simple joy Sally.

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