What do you see in this picture?

Delight at the Aunty Art Cafe

heart art underwater

What do you see in this Picture?

All Ingredients of Joy are Present:

Art materials (portable)
A nice cup of tea (English Breakfast)
A nice niece (well, more than nice, really – fabuloso)

A splendid location (water views)

A breeze (the bees knees on a hot day).

watercolour art co-creation

Upside Down Waterscape

I am in love

with my new watercolour Brilliants.

They are called Brilliants and indeed they are. Brilliant.
(I hope my aquabrushes don’t feel jealous. We have a longer term relationship. We are calmly companionable, my aquabrushes and I.)

Ruby and Sal begin.

Actually, I begin. With a simple blue swooshy line across the page. We are across the road from an ocean beach, so it makes sense.

watercolour collaborative art


Ruby continues. Swirly seaweedy

life growing up from the base of the page.

child art watercolour

Gently Growing and Flowing

We continue in this collaborative painting vein for some time. Absorbed. Communicating. Taking turns. Gently responding. I remember to sip my tea. She remembers to sip her chai latte.

Oh the delight

of a light

easy co-creating process!

We don’t know what will emerge. We are both pretty relaxed about this. Not particularly attached to the outcome, but taking care and offering attention. Improvising with love and spaciousness.

We wonder how it will look if we turn the page upside down. Ah. Sort of undersea cave ish, with stalactites and stalagmites. We can’t recall which ones go up and which down. ‘Tights fall down’, I think is what I learned at school.

watercolour art co-creation

Upside Down Waterscape

We don’t care.
The painting continues anyway.
Oooo. Look at the mooshy wet watery colours running here.

colour water joy

See How They Run

Look at the ultra fine detail there.

heart art underwater

The Watery Land of the Tentative Heart

Time to finish.
It was a Brilliant Jewel Segment of my Day, of my Life.

artmaking response

Tuesday Bluesday Ruby and Sal

The good news is that Ruby enjoyed it too.

Here are a couple of previous Ruby n Sal art experiences…
You’re so lucky

The Joy of Making Art Together

with love, art and soulย 

from Sally


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