Create a gentle resting, holding place for yourself

to digest your experience of the year and sustain yourself through Solstice, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year.
For some, this is a blessed time of year. For others it is tough.

fabric collage Art and Soul

An Art and Soulie plays with sumptuous aqua satin and rich crimson fabric fragments

I encourage you to make some space –

even twenty minutes –

to reflect on your experience of 2017.

See if a shape, colour, theme or motif


and allow yourself to write or art it.


Perhaps you will discover a guiding image to help you flow

into your strong, beautiful soul’s dance

for 2018.

Nestle was our final Art and Soul playshop of the year.

I asked the question:

Would you like a nourishing, spacious pause
in the midst of the seasonal HurlyBurly?

Art and Soul collage writing

An Art and Soulie immerses herself in eloquent collage and writing

I invited participants to

‘Play with paint, paper, crayons, threads, cloth, words and glitter

Art and Soul black paper metallic

An Art and Soulie contrasts gold metallic sparkly stuff with black paper

to create

a gentle resting, holding place for yourself

Art and Soul tenderness self-care

An Art and Soulie gives herself gifts of tenderness and self-care after a particularly rough year

as you digest your experience of the year and ready yourself for the sprint towards Christmas and New Year.’

Art and Soul lotus wishes

An Art and Soulie discovers an emergent lotus image to hold her aspirations and wishes

What do I notice about these gorgeous images? I see Art and Soulies deeply at work and play, following their own creative impulses, co-creating a safe, respectful space for true connection with self and others.

I also see a range of teacups.

May you find spacious, heartful, artful pause in this Christmassy season.
Warm wishes for Solstice, Chanukah and New Year too.

with love, art and soul



5 thoughts on “Nestle

    • Gallivanta – would you agree that art materials, tasty tidbits and tea (in a favourite cup) is one of life’s especially nourishing combinations? Add music if on one’s own, or gorgeous people if in company, then the scene is complete.

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  1. Every year at this time I take time to reflect on the year past and think about what I want to create in the new year – in my art and in my life. I am especially inspired by your suggestion to look for repeated themes and motifs from last year to frame what I want for the future – thank you for sharing and providing those seeds for me to cultivate! I hope your year begins beautifully and I look forward to more of your creations and words in 2018!

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    • Thank you, dear Susanne. I find it grounding and calming to read your words here. And…how funny! Did I make that suggestion to look for repeated themes and motifs? Sometimes I write wise stuff that disappears amidst the ‘shit and string beans’ (Marilyn French), so it’s good to be reminded. I love loops of creative support. Wishing you very well for your new fresh year.


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