Are you a Worry Warrior?

I mean someone who worries well and worries often.

Worry is my Special Power. 

Did you know that about me? Many people don’t guess. They think I’m calm and confident. That’s maybe because do my special intense worrying in the sleepless night and in hidden crevices of the day.

I work at being calm and confident. Do you relate to this?
{Let me assure you I will worry bigtime about sharing my vulnerability here. Especially as I’m about to be away from the internet for a few days and cannot swiftly respond to your response.}

However … as with other revealing blog posts (see How to Tend a Hurt Heart, for example) , I share my Worrisome Worrywart status with you in the hope of validating our humanly flawed experience and thereby feeding creative connection. So. Gulp. Allow me to continue.

If you need assistance with Worry-development, just ask.

Allow me to teach you the Inner-Furrowed-Brow Transmission ritual.

I can guide you through It’s-Possible-to-Worry-about-Absolutely-Anything 101.

{Declaration of worry seems to be a fitting topic for the last scraps of Mental Health month. And I have a question for you. What do you perceive is the difference between Worry and Anxiety? Are they the same thing? Does it matter?}

The opposite of worry? Trust. 

{Of course, I’m worried about whether that’s the right answer to my own question}

The opposite of Worry – the antidote –

is trusting the flow of life.

Creative practice can help.

{You knew I’d say that at some point, right? That’s my thing. That’s why we’re here together in this momentarily joined cyber zone. Because I love to sing the praises of creativity in all its miraculous, bendy applications.}

water goddess painting collage

The Water Goddess Says: Trust the Flow

I stayed in a bush

house where the water literally stopped. Gone. No water.
Most unlike me, I didn’t panic. This was a rare occasion when the Worry Warrior should have shown up, but didn’t.

I slowed down. I filled buckets from the river. One by one, buckets of water, up and down the hill.

I became aware of water.

I appreciated water.

I began a collage. I found the word ‘water‘ appeared in one magazine’s headlines thirteen times. Thirteen.

collage water image

watery collage play-in-progress.
In full swing with the Art of Emergence, I grabbed whatever was nearby and incorporated it into the collage. This includes chocolate silver foil.

I painted. The Water Goddess emerged spontaneously.

paintage water goddess

How about that? A figure appears.

The next day, I discovered the water was there all along, in the tank.

I just needed to turn on the tap more fully.

water goddess painting collage

The Water Goddess Says: Trust the Flow

I wish for you, for me, for all of us to trust the flow of creativity…and of life!

with love, art and soul
from Sally


3 thoughts on “Are you a Worry Warrior?

  1. Thank you for this post – it has really made me think about my own worrying. I have never thought of worry as being the opposite of trust. I have a tendency to question myself. I find at times, I will provide an answer to a question I receive and then immediately feel like I have to check if I got it right – even when I was able to respond quickly and (seemingly) confidently in the moment. I’m not quite sure how this all connects, but I’m sure it does – I think I have to spend more time with it yet. I absolutely agree with you that whatever the questions are, creativity is ALWAYS a part of the answer (if not all of it).


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