Looking the Monster in the Eye

In Which

One Artist Attempts

to Transform Fear and Loathing

into Peace and Power

A (Literally) Ripping Picture-Story Comprising Alternative Art Heart Facts

{Warning: you might not be able to stomach the ensuing facial photos}
{on the other hand, the face has been difficult to avoid, unless you live in a remote cave in an exotic location}

trump art collage paint Swain

Preface (a poem):

There’s no need to ration

self-care or compassion

when tending a wound

of the heart.

To deepen the healing,

allow space for feeling

and channel your hurt

through your art.

Chapter One
in which

one artist gathers images of the monster

to create a collage 
so she can face her fear and loathing,

move towards peace and power

and assist in alleviating suffering of herself and others

Trump art collage

Swain art

politics US collage transform

Chapter Two

in which two months elapse, while the artist is unable to overcome resistance to bring herself to retrieve aforementioned images

Chapter Three

in which she is finally able to actually look at the images of the monster in order to arrange them and glue them down

transform art collage

Chapter Four

in which she explores the underrated medium of sticky-tape, creating a frenzy of transparent tacky texture

transform art collage Swain

Chapter Five

in which she is compelled to paint over the glued, sticky-taped collage, to mute the images

trump art collage paint Swain

Chapter Six

in which nausea strikes her while viewing the monster and she succumbs to black calligraphic swirls, which turn into smears and splodges

art therapy transform difficulty

Chapter Seven
in which she is able to soften her gaze and wonder what new shapes or forms might emerge…

transform monster art power Swain

What do you think she sees? What can you see?

…and what will Chapter Eight



12 thoughts on “Looking the Monster in the Eye

    • Always glad to make a person smile from within. Thank you for offering feedback. Thinking about energetic wounds…Yes. He is still standing. I am concerned about all the people he’s taking with him as he slays, crashes and burns.

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  1. I see a complete reversal of circumstances that have definitely brought llumination to the circumstances now. I see saffrom robed Monks sitting in meditation and I see the the promise of an uncurtained open window that invites the opportunity for entry into the mystery of the next chapter for this person….

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    • Wow. Ulli. Wow. What a luminous image to behold in the mind’s (and heart’s) eye! I am excited to show you the picture that has been creating itself – with a little help from me. Stay tuned for this Friday…. love to you, Sally


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