Senior Venus

Can we do it? 

Can we bring softness and kindness to battlegrounds, both inner and outer?

Art helps.

senior venus trump love Swain

Senior Venus
Sally Swain © original art

Senior Venus, apparently, is

the Goddess of Trying to Bring Love to Arenas of Strife … or …

the Afficionado of Transforming Fear and Loathing into Peace and Power…

But we are jumping ahead of ourselves here.

For the picture-story so far, see last week’s post.
This is how we began.

transform art collage

And this is where we got to.

transform monster art power Swain
Now, read on, if you will. Read this story of few pictures and even fewer words.

Chapter Eight
in which the artist gazes long and soft at the image so far. She sees a nurturing female figure smiling down upon whoever or whatever is held by her large enfolding arms. The artist draws forth the image, using a chinagraph.

draw forth Swain collage Trump

Chapter Nine

in which the artist brings white paint to the nurturing female figure

Swain white paint female nurture

white paint collage venus

Chapter Ten

in which the artist opens an art magazine to find a page to paint on, in order to use up the excess white paint. The very first page of the magazine takes her breath away and allows tears to flow.
It says LOVE AND WAR. The artist has been looking for ways to bring love and compassion to an arena of struggle. She has been feeling embattled. This page feels so utterly resonant.

Love and War collage

Chapter Eleven

in which she incorporates the words LOVE AND WAR into the image. She also incorporates other pertinent words from the magazine page, such as ‘Hall of Fame’, ‘the pain of separation’ ‘the grief of loss’ and ‘the great joy of reunion’.

love war Trump collage transform nurture

Chapter Twelve

in which Senior Venus is fleshed out and we start to see more of the little one she holds. Is it a ghostly frightened child?

senior venus trump love Swain

Senior Venus
The Goddess of Trying to Bring Love to Arenas of Strife
Sally Swain © original art

Chapter Thirteen
Is there a Chapter Thirteen?

Does Love Trump Fear and Loathing? Can compassion go beyond strife?

Is this artwork complete?

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Senior Venus

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. Is she finished? I’m not sure. But the birthing of something soft, voluptuous and nurturing out of fear, angst, anger and tears is such a gift.

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    • Thank you in turn, Rom, for your kind, encouraging words. I’m not sure if she is finished. I have a thought about adding a gold teardrop bead. And stitching the paper to a fabric surround.


  2. Hi sally, Thanks for yet another beautiful post your blog is so soothing and inspiring.

    Sally, I am writing an article called People are Kind for the Griffith Review and wondering if i might interview you or refer to your blog in the article.

    I’ll be writing about the decision one can make about choosing to see and act with kindness–particularly in my home town of brisbane. It will focus in part on the kindness of refugees I have encountered in the last year. But I find your blog to be full of the effort of kindness and would like to refer to it as well/

    Let me know what you think, sally.

    Love Linda


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    • Hi Linda
      Thank you for your KIND message!

      I’m flattered that you are considering me and my work for your article.
      Sounds like a beautiful project to be doing. Great, simple, clear title too.
      Yes – am happy to do an interview and/or for you to refer to my blog.
      love from Sally


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