Yellow is the Colour of Hope

The Not-Very-Big Reveal.

Remember the Secret Art of Hope?

Yellow Hope Bird Cancer Council Sally Swain

Yellow is the Colour of Hope
Sally Swain © original art

Breakthrough Art Festival exhibition was a huge success, raising over $25,000 for NSW Cancer Council.
I held

an Arty Party. We created canvases. Our artworks were required to be anonymous.

Arty Party of Hope 1

Arty Party of Hope 1

(Check out the Arty Party here)

At last! I can show you my little bird.

My little yellow bird.
Strictly speaking it is not mine. It belongs to whoever might wish to purchase it for a mere $100 AUD.

If you don’t want the little yellow bird, there are hundreds of other artworks, each priced at $100, every dollar of which goes directly to the Cancer Council to help the wonderful work they do.
A kind artist, Georgina Hart, continues to show the work until 24th June in her studio, Middle Cove, Sydney. Interested?
Contact Georgina via Facebook or email.

Here’s the story behind the picture.

Holding only the intention of creating a picture of Hope for the Cancer Council, I sift through a National Geographic magazine. I chance upon an article about cancer. How’s that for synchronicity?

Yellow Hope Bird Sally Swain

Yellow is the Colour of Hope

I collage. I paint layers of yellow. In what I call the ‘Art of Emergence’, a bird appears, offering a hopeful message. In the bird’s body, a spiral sings the cycles of life.

Loose threads form themselves into an egg – perhaps freshly laid and protected; delicate yet strong.

It’s not all sunny yellow out there. Or in here. Black and white make themselves known.

And hope shines through.

Yellow Hope Bird Cancer Council Sally Swain

Yellow is the Colour of Hope
Sally Swain © original art

What’s a synchronicity moment for you?
Is it linked with your openness to creativity?


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  1. Glad the art festival was such a success! Love your bird piece! I often find words that relate to something I have created in the torn book pages that I have randomly added as collage.

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