What was Lost has been Found

Read all about it below

and let’s complete our celebration of One Year of Blogging in the month-of-May

But first…

Can you be lost and found at the same time?


Here’s my paintage (painting + collage)

Lost and Found in the Forest.

Sally Swain Forest art painting collage

Lost and Found in the Forest
Sally Swain © original art

And here’s the story behind the picture.

I couldn’t sleep. I ventured into the night-time forest of the Blue Mountains. I saw the full moon. I felt utterly safe. Next day, people at the camp said ‘didn’t you read the signs about not going into the bush alone?’

Now please bear with me as I share the song lyrics I’ve just written to accompany Lost and Found in the Forest. It’s a bit daggy, as we say in Australia.



Never mind. I’ve nothing to lose except my self-respect as a creator. Ha! Which is just about everything.

Amazing Place

(to be sung to the tune of Amazing Grace)


Amazing place
How deep the sound
of full moon in the trees.

I’m lost in woods,

Yet here I’m found,

My heart and head at ease.


Twas here I wandered wide awake.

I had not seen the sign.

My balm to ease the social ache

Was forest calm and fine.


Amazing Place

How clear and bright.

I stand on solid ground,

The spirits singing in the night,

Protection all around.


Thank you for your patience. Finally, here’s the news.

Ta-daa! What was lost has been found.

Remember Bird O’Clock?

The phrase that ignited not one, but two artworks?
(see previous pertinent posts One … and … Two)

The originator has declared herself.
It is the clever creative woman Kath Unsworth whose blog is called Minuscule Moments of Inspiration. 
Here’s the post that got me going on my Bird-and-Time path.

The original Bird O’Clock.
Thank you, Kath. At last you can receive the applause and take a bow.


13 thoughts on “What was Lost has been Found

  1. Thank you Sally I feel humble and happy that I inspired your beautiful bird art. The full moon was amazing these last couple of days. Gorgeous picture feels magical to look at that glowing moon, enjoyed the words too.

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    • Humble and happy. What a delightful combination and way of describing! Trouble is, round here in the Big Smoke, I miss that moon way too often. Not enough moon-gazing in my built-up world. The Lost and Found Forest was indeed magical.

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