Love + love + love = joy of creativity

I love a cup.
I love a place.
I love making art.

Put three passions together and voila!

teacup photo Sally Swain art

Teacup at Killcare

We have another series of Random Acts of Travelling Sculpture.

teacup art

Teacup at Killcare 2

What happens when you put three passions together?

teacup art Sally Swain

Teacup at Killcare 3

Love + love + love.

They don’t need to be major blow-your-socks-off grand romance passions.
They might be as small as a shiny, fruity teacup you fancy at a friend’s place. You might quite like the design of a pair of scissors or a peg. You might love eating figs or mangoes. Or the birdsong of a currawong. Or the scent of gardenia. 

Follow the wisdom of your senses.

teacup art Sally Swain

Teacup at Killcare 4

Willing to give it a try?
Creativity fuels and is fuelled by enthusiasm, curiosity, passion.

Love + love + love. 


Random Acts of Travelling Sculpture

Are you up for the Invitation?

Participants so far:

Romny Vandoros, Ruby Foster-Swain, Fiona Fitzpatrick, SueEllen Stock. You should be able to view their random sculpture photos on Sally Swain Art FB Page.

As in April 2016 posts … Here’s your Invitation:

  1. Photograph an object in three different settings.
  2. Cut and paste this Sally Swain’s Random Acts of Travelling Sculpture blurb in its entirety.
  3. Nominate three (or six, or nine) others for the challenge.
  4. Share your three photos plus blurb far and wide, tagging the person who nominated you.
  5. Be willing for your (credited) photos to be included in the Sally Swain Art Facebook pageor the Art and Soul Space blog.
  6. Be invited and delighted whether you are nominated or not; whether you feel inclined to participate or not. No pressure. Really. May your creative juices flow, Randomly, Actively, Travellishly and Sculpturally. 

PS If you are a Follower of Art and Soul Space blog, consider yourself already nominated!

PPS Feel free – very free – to share your experience or not-experience of Random Acts of Travelling Sculpture in a comments box below.