One Year of Blogging

One year of blogging every week.
Could this be reason to celebrate?

*Not Drowning, Dancing –

Sally Swain painting

Not Drowning, Dancing
Sally Swain © original art

the Middle-aged Crazy Art Lady and

Beach Mandala found object sculpture

Beach Mandala
plastic, shelly, junky, funky, probably smelly and washed away by now

her trusty companion, Qinka
and her trusty companion’s companion, Qoot, would

Qinka and her Owl - Sally Swain art

Qinka and her Owl Companion
Sally Swain © original art

like to say

Thank you, oh Art and Soul 

Art and Soul Creativity Coaching

Art and Soul Creativity Coaching

Space community.

Thank you for 

Listening (though someone said I should call it Glistening. Because of the sparkly bits)

(though someone said I should call it Glistening. Because of the sparkly bits)

listening. Thank you for responding.

Thank you for being there with the

heart-head Sally Swain original artwork

Sally Swain original artwork

full presence of your Heart-Head.

May you hang around as long as I hang around, creating these words and pictures, these musings about, around, with and for 

May you dive deep into the 

Sally Swain Neurocosmos

Sally Swain © original art


May you travel far, wide, sparklingly in your 

Space Odditea Sally Swain © original art

Space Odditea
Sally Swain © original art

airborne teacup, way way out into the Odditea of Space Within.

May we continue to 

Paintbrush Flower Sally Swain original artwork

A Paintbrush was Sacrificed in the Making of this Picture
Sally Swain © original art

blossom and 

Sacre Fleur

Sacre Fleur

grow together.

Sally Swain original art

Sally Swain © original art

Now, I have some questions for you:

What do you think of this blog?

(Or in Oz talk: Whadyareckon?)
What do you enjoy here?

What do you wish to see more of…or (gulp) less of?

Does Art and Soul Space help in any way

to enliven your relationship with CREATIVITY?

Tell me all about it.


* Each image in this Art(and Soul)icle has appeared in a different blog post over the past year. Do you remember any of them?


4 thoughts on “One Year of Blogging

  1. OMG Sally …that was such a wonder filled journey with your dynamic and colourful creativity exploding out of the computer screen right into my heart … I felt my breathe slow down and deepen as I enjoyed immensely your feeling of gratitude so beautifully expressed. I love you and thank you Sally for the multitude of moments I sat around your magic table with a bunch of daring women “being creative”, being inspired by the moments you brought into being, sitting at the head of the table xxx

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  2. What bravery! What brevity. What wonderful creativiTea!

    Your passion for unlocking, nurturing and sustaining creativity is inspiring. I particularly love the artworks to illustrate the point.

    May you be encouraged to keep on blogging on!

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