Yellow Teapot

‘confident of welcome in the world’

Teacup Period

I was in the heart of my teacup period.

Rhyming Cuplet 2

Rhyming Cuplet 2

This was a few years back. I met up with an old friend Clare, who lives interstate.  It turned out she had written a poem about a teapot.

I was immediately inspired to paint a yellow teapot.

Serendipity (dontcha love that word?)

Recently, Clare spotted my blog serendipitously while googling something else. 

Olden Times

I reminisce. She and I formed the very first creativity support group in my world. This was wayyy back in the early 90s. The writing branch (she and I) of the support group (she and I) went to a Buddhist wat to conduct a self-styled writers retreat. It was lovely, though what stands out is the wat’s tumultuous and not-at-all-peaceful personal politics.

Creativity Support
Do you have someone in your life who supports your creativity? A partnership? A group? A coach? A little encouragement goes a long way.

Here comes the Creative Love Exchange again

And now, in the great big sumptuous circle that is the Creative Love Exchange, I wish to share the teapot poem accompanied by my picture. I post these with full permission of all members of the creativity support group (she and I).

Yellow teapot

Clare Coburn

 Puzzled about how to give unstintingly

 yet still be true to me,

 I recall the yellow teapot

 in the kitchen:

 it pours forth

 precise plenty,

 never drips,

 remains cheerful.

 It’s crafted of earth,

 baked hard,

 glazed solid.

 It knows and holds

 its comfort in a handle,

 its bounty in a spout

 and warm abundance in its golden girth.


 Truly, humbly, gently

 it offers all that it contains,


 of welcome in the world.

Yellow Teapot

Yellow Teapot

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