A Spiral Lets Itself in and Makes Itself Right at Home

Creative Love Exchange Revisited

I’ve joined the wondrous global Art Therapy + Happiness community.

My first task:

Create an Introduction Wheel, featuring the four Cs in four quadrants. The four Cs? Courage, Compassion, Connection, Contribution. Right up my alley.

The four Cs mean a lot to me. I spend days pondering how I might portray them. I itch to get to my art-making. Finally!

I carve out time and space. I ignore my list of Tasks-To-Do-Now-Or-Your-Life-Will-Topple-Over.  I am at play.

A little spiral painting on calico catches my eye. I did it spontaneously in my creativity support group. It’s one of those pleasurable, non-thinking pieces – a spiral with a baby spiral growing off it.
It’s perfect for the job, in an embarrassing, radical, totally non-wheel, non-quadrant sort of way.

Inner Critic says: ‘What? Are you incapable of following instructions? A wildcrazymessysquigglyspirally thing instead of the neat geometry of four quadrants?’

‘Yep’, I say.

I write in the four Cs.

I tell a friend about the AT + Happiness Project.
She says, ‘Oh. It’s just like your Creative Love Exchange concept.’
Of course.

It might not be a real proper wheel with real proper segments, but I allow Courage, Compassion, Connection, Contribution to flow in the organic spiral of giving and receiving – the Creative Love Exchange.

Here’s a link to Art Therapy + Happiness: 


And here’s a link to further explain the Creative Love Exchange.



Can you let yourself follow your creative impulses regardless of what that persnickety Inner Critic says?

Creative Love Exchange Two Introduction Non-Wheel

Creative Love Exchange Introduction Non-Quadrant Non-Wheel


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