Teacup Galaxy

Ruby specialises in galaxies.

Galaxy of Ruby Brilliant

Watercolour shapes and galaxies.

Delicate pastel watercolour shapes with fluid interiors and defined edges…

and galaxies.

Teacup and Galaxy
Jennie and Ruby
mother/child art

Niece Ruby is thirteen. She’s found her artist medium and content. For now.

The labour of love,

the neural pathway-powering concentration,

the exquisite immersion in detail.

The calm, the absorption, the creativity, the flow.

Not for her the formulaic, dehydrated art education on offer in many early high school classes.

For her, the uniqueness of it.

The specific layering of materials.

Watercolour brilliants, an aquabrush, a facial tissue, some glue, a white pen.

It doesn’t take much space to be a slender thirteen year old expanding ever-outwards into interplanetary dream play. 

Her mum adds a teacup, an earth, a teapot. Ruby decorates it.

Teacup, Earth and Galaxy
Ruby and Jen
mother/child art

I come in,

Auntie Sal, and turn spots and specks into extra planets.

I add a bit more white pen.

Teacup, Earth, Teapot, Galaxy
Ruby, Jen, Sal
The Teenager, the Mother and the Aunt.

Hey presto.

An on-the-hop,


easy peasy collaborative creation.

Can you guess who created the galaxy below?

(From blog post:

Is there a name for the one who likes to bring a painting together?)

Cool Colour Woman Creature collaborative artwork in progress

with love, art and soul 

from Sally