Washing machines and Watercolour pens

Art and Soulie Spot 10
Stories from the Creative Path

Presenting the beautiful writer:

Kerry Littrich…

I vividly recall the first creative playshop Kerry attended maybe ten years ago.
I remember her uncertainty about what was on offer. Once she felt more sure that this was to be a safe space, she gave herself 700% to the process. She let her big heart shine. She willingly shared her intricately woven fictional characters, who, over time, became as real to me as any of the playshop participants. Maybe we needed extra chairs around the table for Kerry’s living breathing human creations.

Here’s her website: Imagine365

Over to Kerry for a small adventure…

The day off

I am a writer.

I mostly write fiction but I also write non-fiction articles, blog posts and run a whimsical website called imagine365. Sometimes I write copy for other people’s sites or help them create business materials. But today I’m not going to write because I worked late last night in a different job and

I’ve given myself the day off.

            So I start propped up in bed, pillows all around me and a cup of tea to hand. My miniature fox terrier, Rupert, joins me but don’t tell my husband.

dog photo

Kerry’s Rupert

I speak to my sister on the phone,

there’s no hurry.

We catch up for 45 minutes. I spend almost an hour longer in bed meditating with a second cup of tea.

            When I do get up, there’s

washing to do.

I look up to the clear blue sky

as I hang it out and notice the tree in the yard behind us covered in buds about to burst forth in the spring. I’ve made a picture of that tree.

tree heart art

Kerry’s tree

            Then I walk the dog to the vet to collect his worm tablets but forget to take my purse so can’t buy them. Instead Rupert and I stop for coffee using change scrounged in the bottom of my bag.

            On the way home, I see a young girl in a headscarf outside her school, we smile and talk. There are scraps of food all over the footpath, the dog strains on the leash.

Ants scurry crazily.

            Back at home, the washing machine has broken down and the load of sheets sit tangled, heavy and wet. I call Peter, the washing machine repair guy, and book him in for tomorrow. We chat. He only repairs old machines now as he understands mechanics not computer programs.

            I water the veggie garden out the front, newly planted for spring and in between all of these domestic tasks, I scribble notes on specially cut up squares of paper.

veggie garden photo

Kerry’s veggie garden out the front

I write things like

“Imagine we stop judging ourselves by outcomes and become immersed in the process”.

I jot down two ideas for articles and play around with some watercolour pens that recently arrived in the mail from America.

            Later, I capture some images in words that will be in the second draft of my new book and I write this blog post on creative process.


you need a day off

to get any work done. 


Do you feel refreshed having met Kerry?

Might your big or small story

of creative process

become Art and Soulie Spot 11?

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with love, art and soul from Sally     


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  1. Well, I am very happy to see Kerry’s vegie garden out the front. I have been looking at my berm and wondering if I dare pull up the grass and plant something useful. I expect our regulation obsessed council would come down on such a garden like a ton of bricks. The wild flowers I have planted around the tree are probably about as subversive as I can get. Kerry’s day off was delightful.

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