Which Way Round?

Make art, even if it’s upside down

This way?

Which Way Round?

I am loving felt pens plus water. I’m not sure why it’s taken me fifty-something years to discover the joys of such simple ingredients, but it has.

Or this way?

art felt pen round

Which Way Round?

Felt marker pens, particularly at school, were something you didn’t want to get water on. You drew or wrote with them because of their precision. You admired their clean lines. You were in control. You didn’t want to lose all that nice neatness to a soggy mush-ball.

Water brings with it an unknowing.

It brings an unpredictability and a, sometimes scary, lack of control. What joy!

This way?

Sally Swain art therapy aged

Which Way Round?

Felt-pen-plus-water art-making is just the ticket for debriefing from an art therapy session in residential aged care. After

super-thinking and micro-attuning to many individual needs, I switch off and let go into watching colourful blobs appear. This watery felt-pen tuning out is helping me process the joys, successes and challenges of working finely with each person.

After all, Art is a Way of Knowing.

(See Pat B Allen’s wonderful book title from 1995, Art is a Way of Knowing – a Guide to Self-Knowledge and Spiritual Fulfillment through Creativity. Actually, it’s not only the title that is wonderful. It’s the book.)

Art is a Way of Knowing. It’s just a different way of knowing from the literal, linear nutting-out that dominates our society.

This way?

response art elderly

Which Way Round?
This one resembles a bird with a fragile stalk neck, don’t you think?
Could be entirely pertinent to the fragility of the extreme elderly attempting to keep their heads up in life

Yes. This way.

Felt pen and water.

Experiential learning


through the circulatory system of my art heart.

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with love, art and soul
from Sally


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  1. Thank you Sally. This is so inspiring. It’s amazing how much your gorgeous piece takes on a new personality depending on which way it is turned. I love it. xoxo

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