Lorikeet Qi Gong

Art and Soulie Spot 8

Stories from the Creative Path

Lorikeet Qi Gong
Katie McMurray

Introducing the inimitable, delightful Katie McMurray.

In her own words,

I’ve been called a guardian angel of authenticity.” 

How fabulous is that? Katie indeed brings

full presence and authenticity to Art and Soul playshops.  She runs her own Dangerous Blogging workshops, as part of her highly-regarded established professional practice. 

Over to Katie in dynamic technicolour…

Sally’s process has allowed me to create my own visual expression.

Every stroke of these artworks comes directly from feeling within.

I’m a writer who teaches writing and helps people find their voice. I love having this visual, no-words process. During the morning with Sally I turn off my word mind, which usually uses language and writing to explore and express everything I think and feel. I use tantric breath to connect feeling and energy to the page. Sally’s wonderful range of materials supports my emerging visual concepts. 

I end up with a series of artworks at each session. They depict my entire journey, from the initial practice of giving my subconscious permission to express; through experiments with the materials and a naturally emerging concept, to something that feels like the ultimate artwork for that day. 

Sally calls it her Art and Soulie Workshop and I definitely feel myself at soul level.  

Katie Mac art

Katie McMurray

The Volcano works were produced a few days before I ran a writers’ retreat.

I was feeling strong creative energy I’d built for the retreat. I sensed the retreat relationship, of others being able to access and be guided to their creativity through me and mine. The artworks became a daily reference during the retreat, reminding me what was available from me, for me and for others. 

While some of the artworks I create at Sally’s workshop feel kind of expended after a while, I still regularly reference Volcano to access my energy and creativity.

Lorikeet Qi Gong
Katie McMurray

The Lorikeet Qi Gong was made the same day lorikeets flew in my garden while I did my morning Qi Gong practice.

McMurray lorikeet qi gong

Lorikeet Qi Gong
Katie McMurray

Producing the initial images I was still feeling my gentle Qi Gong movements, many of which are bird inspired (doves and wild goose). Then I let the exciting, quicker and dramatic dives and sounds of the lorikeets infuse my energy and the later artworks.  I tried to find a way to make the lorikeet movements on a page. I finger-painted and used a single breath to inspire each motion. I always use breath during the art workshop.

lorikeet mandala

Lorikeet Mandala
Katie McMurray

I also tried to create a Lorikeet Mandala and that led me to make Death of a Lorikeet. The lorikeets in my suburb eat berries, get drunk and injured. People find them on the streets and take them home to nurse. It’s not all fun in the garden. 

lorikeet painting

Death of a Lorikeet
Katie McMurray

Every stroke of these artworks comes directly from feeling within. It surprises me how powerful this experience is. I’m grateful to have this welcoming, supportive, experimental and soulful space to explore and create new languages.

Lorikeet Qi Gong
Katie McMurray

Katie McMurray, Bondi 

Here’s the link to Katie Mac Publicity website.

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