Even if you’re grumpy,

make art.

Especially if you’re grumpy, make art.

grumpy art as therapy Swain

Even if you’re grumpy, make art
Sally Swain © original art

You might find a seed in your chest

or a leaf in your claw.

I come home

depleted, then immerse myself in the Queen’s Birthday long weekend giant crossword. Hmph. I have a cross word or two with myself.

‘Can’t you spend your time stretching out your scrumpled body or feeding your creative soul? No. Instead you have to tackle a dumb old right royal puzzle.’


‘I see my cross words aren’t working. I will try kindfulness instead.

(Change of Tone)

You’ve had your escapism. Now how about a spot of art-making?’


‘Just keep it small and simple. Here’s a piece of pre-painted paper.’

painted paper

pre-painted paper stored in art folio for tired or impatient art-making moments

‘Oh … OK’

‘Here’s a magazine. Pick a page with colours or textures that grab you. Rip it into tiny pieces. Glue them down.’

‘I can do that’.

collage paint

Rip ’em up.
Glue ’em down.

‘Yes. You can. How about adding more paint. Just a bit.’

paint collage Swain

Painted background, collage, more paint = paintage

‘But it doesn’t look like anything apart from a childish flower. And it’s not going anywhere.’

‘That’s OK. You’ve let yourself play with paper and glue. You’ve given yourself creative space. Tearing up magazine pages is a bit of a release, isn’t it?’

‘Mmm. I see a face in this flower.

A grumpy face. Maybe I’ll draw it forth.’

flower face collage paintage

Allowing the grumpy flower-face to emerge

‘Go for it. Now, do you feel any better?’


What’s more, I’m inspired to create a new series.’


‘Even if you’re ….. , make art.’

Especially if you’re ….. , make art.

What would you add to a series?

Please supply missing words

(in the comments box):

Even if you’re …… , make art.


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