Art of Wonder

Seven women signed up to ‘connect with calm in troubled times’.

Art and Soul Swain playshop

Art of Wonder playshop

I rarely talk about Art and Soul happenings here in this blog, but am inspired to convey

painting play art soul

Art of Wonder playshop

the delight and depth of creative play

collage playshop workshop Art Soul

Art of Wonder playshop

that ensued, bubbled and brushed its way through the day.

paint brush playshop Art and Soul

Art of Wonder playshop

The invitation said, ‘Seemingly mundane moment-by-moment awareness is fertile ground for creating art from our lives. And mindful art-making can provide peace and refuge in sluggish or buggish, riling or smiling, fearful or cheerful times.’

drawing free play Art and Soul

Art of Wonder playshop

Participant Katherine G said,

I’m astonished that my so many resistances could be disposed of with such ease and enjoyment, thanks to your warm, supportive and wise guidance. I feel the beginnings of an opening up to many new and exciting experiences.

The time was certainly restorative and nourishing.

hammock heart art play

Art of Wonder playshop

And one brave woman requested photographic documentation of her hands demonstrating

Seriously Creative Resting.

(Creative Resting

is truly, deeply, restoratively recommended by

yours truly, deeply and etc)

hands rest Art and Soul

Art of Wonder playshop


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  1. Thank you so much , Sally, for sharing what was happening at the happening!! I love those resting hands, they radiate serenity xxx

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