Take heart. Make art.

How to respond?

purple heart art Swain

Purple Heart
Sally Swain
© original art
transforming grief through creativity

How to respond to trauma, sorrow and fear
with creativity, authenticity and respect?
How to heal our hearts enough to move into action?
How to collectively create a compassionate world in testing times?

Ohh. Big questions.
Very big.
Too big, perhaps.
Here’s how one

brave, sensitive therapist activated her creative response immediately.
Her name is Lisa Mitchell.
She runs a practice called Inner Canvas.
Lisa has generously given me permission to re-blog her recent piece.
(This is my first-ever re-blogging experience. Yeehaa!)

See below for other courageous creative responses to current challenges. 

Let’s make use of art as Spiritual First Aid and for the strengthening of our communities of care.

From Lisa:

In times of fear and uncertainty, before I coax myself to embrace the unknown, I go back to what I know for sure. It’s always same three things: my basics–the things I am certain I can do no matter what. On Tuesday, Election Day 2016, I found myself clinging to and then landing in these…

via Election Art: Beauty from the ruins — Blog – Creative Continuing Education for Therapists

Hope you clicked on the link just above to read the rest of Lisa’s inspiring piece.

As promised, here are several other artful heartful responses:

Manhattan subway sticky notes offer a place to express

Heni’s Happy Paintings re-visions Lady Liberty

Post-elections Drop-in art therapy group in New York

Silent Painting Creative Community Action

Oh. And here’s a link back to my last week’s post here on Art and Soul Space:

Tender Agenda – R U OK?

Wishing you art, heart and gentleness.


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