Have you had your Beauty Fix today?

I was tired. I yearned to be in a quiet, dark place, but had to go into the city, to the dentist. Ergh. Trudge trudge drudge. I yearned and yawned. I dragged my feet along the pavement. Pound pound sludge.

window flower display art

Sally Swain © original art

Then I saw it.

The David Jones Spring Flower Show.

Hundreds and thousands of fresh floral faces composed into window displays. Bloomin’ pictures. Living art designed to please the senses, or should I say the scentses.

Recently I’ve been inspired (when not trudging, drudging or sludging) to photograph reflections.

It’s not just the reflection – it’s when you can simultaneously see what’s inside and what’s outside.
I love that.

Floating Oranges Sally Swain © original art

Floating Oranges
Sally Swain © original art

On that drab dentist day, the spring flower show

opened the eyes of my heart.

flower display tracery window

Sally Swain © original art

I was calmed. Here was my day’s Beauty Quotient.

My Beauty Fix.

It eased me through dental discomfort.

rose window display photograph

Rosewater Pebbles
Sally Swain © original art
Amazing. This one looks like pebbles under the water at the shore, don’t you think?

What happened next? I went (inwardly) wild. I couldn’t help myself.

I fell for the wall textures in the dentist’s fancy-pants high-rise building.

wall texture photo

Dental Wall
Sally Swain © original art

Shh. Don’t look, anyone. I might seem like a mild-mannered middle-aged woman on a bad hair day, but I’m actually a surreptitious i-Phone texture-hunter.

I might seem to be seriously studying the arrangement of elevator buttons, but actually I’m seeing Beauty in the Walls. Pattern. Texture.

Beauty beauty everywhere.

elevator wall texture photo

Sally Swain © original art

That’s the trouble, my friends, with the Beauty Drug. You think you’re fine. One minute you’re sluggishly hauling your ordinary self through the central business district like everybody else but then you get your Beauty fix. And one dose of Beauty only leads to another. And it never ends.

Are you too a Beauty Addict? Do you require your daily fix?


12 thoughts on “Have you had your Beauty Fix today?

  1. Hi!

    I subscribed to your blog a while ago and am rather enjoying it. I wondered if you’d like to look at mine. I’m a 62 year old artist and writer and renaissance soul and I’ve recovered from depression and anxiety after 30 years. I’m now making up for lost time. I think I’m doing ok…

    Jo UK http://www.joclutton.simplesite.com

    Ps.I do exactly the same thing – photographing strange things for their beauty.

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      • The city is magic too, we stop the car and get out to hug big beautiful trees, our kids think we are nuts now that they are teens. But as children they enjoyed hugging trees too. Just for their pure beauty.

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        • Isn’t it a pity that hugging trees is regarded as odd?! So much joy and vibrancy, so much life force pulsing through these living beings. What a strange culture we live in where wearing suits and ties and sitting at desks in airconditioned, fluoro-lit skyscrapers is considered the height of normal?!


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