What is the Texture of Paradise?

It is this.

Hobbity Place

Hobbity Place

And this.

(Dear ones – I am republishing this textures piece, as there were techhy glitches earlier. Apologies if you’re receiving it twice.)

Elf Platters

Elf Platters

Oh and this.

Black Presence or Absence?

Sacred Stain

And here are another ooo



let’s say



eight or nine Paradise textures.



I’m not kidding.



There is a place deep in the lakes-and-mountains heart of Aotearoa New Zealand called Paradise.

Entrysentry (rock at beginning of Routeburn Track)


Some say it was named after the Paradise duck.

Lord of the Rings filming happened around this area of Paradise, Diamond Lake, Glenorchy, Lake Wakatipu, the Routeburn Track, the Dart Track.

Cobweb what's floating where?


What do I do when faced with splendour and majesty of the sublime?

Could you fall through this crack in the earth or could your new growth peep through it?


Go ‘Wow’, then zero in on the

What's What Here? What's tree? Rock? Moss? Lichen?


very small micro textures and shapes of mosses, lichens, tree roots and rocks. 

May the textures of Paradise inspire your art-heart-mind the way they inspire me.

And please tell me: Do you too love a good mossy rock?

For more tactile nourishment, see my  Lichen Love Art(and Soul)icle.


8 thoughts on “What is the Texture of Paradise?

    • Yes yes methinks too. Or at least inspiration for some play with painty textures to form backgrounds for something figurative. Do you do that, Val? Prep backgrounds/surfaces for paintings? I never used to, but these days with my passion for texture, I do.


    • Ah. I was just able to read and respond to your recent post. And only able to Like it via my Reader. But I reckon some posts are showing up in the Reader loooong after they are published. Ohh. Enough of this tech talk here and now. Happy art making!

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  1. Yes I am getting your posts on my reader, I’m fairly sure, but without a Like button. I’m hypothesising that most followers notice posts via their reader. And I wondered if there’s been a glitch with my last 2 posts appearing in the reader. Now getting my hair tangled. Praps I check with WP. Thank you, Val, for being a lovely responsive being.


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