Tree Trust

Part Three of a Treelogy

Here’s the 
Resting-in-Abundance Tree.

Sally Swain tree art

Resting-in-Abundance Tree
Sally Swain © original art

It’s made of paint and beads on calico,

with a glitzy golden sequinned border,

an ounce of optimism
and a dollop of desire.

A Resting-in-Abundance Tree

is there for you.

It is strong. You lean back into the trunk. It holds you. 

Branches curve above you, offering easily picked ripe fruit.
Close your eyes and let go of trying to make everything happen all by yourself. 

Trust you are supported and nourished.

While you read this, it’s entirely possible that I am communing with a tree or two or three in the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Can you too allow yourself the gift of tree nourishment?


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  2. what a glorious painting and love the concept…..maybe we could co-write a book where we share our paintings and poems ❤

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