How does art make you feel?
Viewing it, I mean.

My true confession? I don’t go to too many exhibitions. I should. I’d like to. I just don’t.


I prefer to MAKE art

or to witness other people

(often those who don’t see themselves as artists)

make art.

I guess I’m a good match for my very own Art and Soul practice, where I get to witness AND facilitate. 

Cartonography FNQ
Sean Rafferty

I chanced upon The National exhibition in Sydney at Carriageworks
earlier in the year.

I noticed an abundance of installations, groupings of similar objects. Can’t think of the specific name for that type of work. 

Who knew there were so many styles of banana box?
Cartonography FNQ just made me feel plain happy.

Cartonography FNQ
Sean Rafferty
The National

A Sorcerer’s Dress obliged me to explore, inspect, discover. It activated my inner tactility. And spoke to my spiritual nature. 

A Sorcerer’s Dress    detail
Clare Peake
The National

Months later, I saw more of The National. This time at Art Gallery of NSW.
There were more installation groupings of similar stuff. I still couldn’t think of the name of that type of work, but I liked a lot of it. Koji Ryui’s glassy work touched my beauty nerve.

Koji Ryui
The National

Koji Ryui

Another grouped glass found objects sculpture brought glazed glimmers of beauty, expansion, possibility…

Nicholas Folland

Nicholas Folland

A stack of meaningful burnt chairs directly spoke to the nostrils of my heart. You could smell the fire. Powerful. Political.

Irhal (Expel), Hope and the Sorrow of Displacement
Rushdi Anwar

Talking of powerful, political. Sally M. Nangala Mulda’s work punched me in the guts.  Simple; story; day to day moments of life in the Northern Territory intervention removed the breath from my lungs. 

Town Camp Anywhere
Sally M. Nangala Mulda

Town Camp Anywhere
Sally M. Nangala Mulda

Town Camp Anywhere
Sally M. Nangala Mulda

Then…light relief. The Young Archies. Portraits by children. Scarlett Li’s work made me smile. Like the banana boxes, it brought me a dose of happy.

Pure glee.

My Mum and me
Scarlett Li
age 8

For dessert, Michael Landy’s No Frills series prompted me to laugh out loud. Actual LOL. Most unusual.

Michael Landy






Political Punch,


The elements that touched me.

And you? What aspects of art-viewing spark or sustain you? Please tell.

with love, art and soul 
from Sally


2 thoughts on “Glee

  1. I love anything that fills me with glee…even unexpected, everyday things. Yesterday, I was at the hairdressers and the girl cutting my very curly hair said that I had fun hair. You mean funny hair? I asked, No, Fun hair, she replied. then she laughed and laughed. I was brought up to believe my curly hair was problem hair. Untameable, frizzy, unstructured hair. Now I know it can make a young woman laugh and fill her with glee. It’s been a journey to get from there to reminds me how we can change the way we feel about things by learning to see differently. Artists can lead us to this–they see value where others may not.

    The simplicity of Sally M, Nangala Mulda’s pics evoke pure devastatioin. And the smiles on the faces of Scarlet Li and her mum simply make me smile.

    Your bogs always remind me to stop, breathe, and carefully look at what’s around me., Sally. Every time I dip into this blog you illuminate my day with something radiant, kind or full of glee. It is a beautiful healing balm of self-care. Thank you!!
    xxx linda

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