Easin’ the Season

red gold fabric flower art

Sumptuous             Sally Swain © art

How to name this time of year?

The season is Festive or a Holiday for some, but not for others. Do you say Happy Christmas to those in deep grief? Do you falalala about prickly green and red plants and ruddy-nosed caribou?

(Indeed I do. I find myself hosting Arty Hearty Parties in an aged care facility, singing and strumming ukulele. Anything to bring a smile to a sorrowful face.)

How to communicate swift positive wishes to all, sundry, those who are traumatised; those who give no hoots?

Swain painting

Using up the Leftover Paint
acrylic on calico
Sally Swain

It can be a

wondrous period for those who have homes, families they love, opportunities for rest and renewal. That’s not everyone.

art healing fern NZ

Tree Fern Woman
Waitakere Ranges

I inhale. I exhale.

I wish you a




connected and

creatively satisfying time

this Solstice,


Christmas and

New Year.

resurgence collage paintage Swain

(what a wonderful word and concept)

Inhale. Exhale.

daffodil painting Swain

Pure and Simple
Sally Swain © original art

I share with you some of my artwork

that’s appeared in the Art and Soul Space blog this year.

Swain art Radiate

Sally Swain © art

I say: Thank you for being you.

Thank you for tuning in to art and to soul.

I say: It is an honour and a pleasure

to have you on board in this loop of communication and inspiration; this Creative Love Exchange.

earth angel watercolour art therapy

Groundedness + wings (completed later on)
Sally Swain © art

Lorin Clarke begins her regular column in The Big Issue:

HO HO HO hooookay that’s enough now. We get it. It’s Christmas. Maybe you’re Christian. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you do Christmas. Maybe you don’t. Either way: there’s no avoiding it, and sometimes it can be, let’s face it, full on. Compulsory cheer in the face of considerable evidence to the contrary. Capitalism disguised as goodwill. Forced office Kris Kringles. Newsreaders in jovial ties listing untold horrors on the evening news….

But, lo! What is this?

Everything is going to be okay.

Seriously. Everything. Is going to be. Okay.

Who wants to make a spinifex mandala in the desert sand within view of Uluru, Kata Tjuta, a sunrise and a moonset?

She finishes:

Christmas is a lot of things to a lot of people. Glorious, reflective, fun, stressful, a tiny bit sad or downright distressing. This Christmas, have a mince pie and a cup of tea and remember: everything is going to be okay. This has been a Public Service Announcement.

art paint collage moon solstice

Drawing forth the Woman in the Moon

Wishing you well and look forward to seeing you on the other side of the Something Season.

watercolour small art flow

A Heart Might Grow in a Prickly Place
Sally Swain © art

with love, art and soul

compassion sea art creativity

Sea of Compassion
with Heartfish
Sally Swain © art

from Sally


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  1. It’s tricky, isn’t it. But, I agree with Lorin, everything is going to be okay. Whatever you say, say it with love and generosity and compassion. That is the spirit of the season, and your lovely artwork expresses all that and more.

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