You are the One

warm wishes for solstice

bird heart solstice art

The Bird in the Heartwood
Sally Swain © original art
Is it finished? Not sure

Night and day

You are the one

Only you beneath the moon

And under the sun


gold thread connection

Art and Soulstice
Sally Swain © original art play-in-progress

I begin this blog with an ancient, yet fabulous Cole Porter song. It’s the sort of song I play at work in the nursing home

to get the enlivenment going;

the joyful recognition and creativity flowing.

Today, I taste the lyrics while musing on the solstice, the moment when day and night are poised in equal balance.

I get all deep and meaningful.

‘You are the one’ could be a cosmic phrase as much as a personal sentiment. Night, day,

moon, sun,

dark, light:

You are One.

Together, you polarities make up the one great gersplunking totality.

And if that’s the case, that it’s all part of one gigantic whole (Gaia, I guess), then on my microscopic insectudinal level, I can feel less timid about posting

the ‘dark’ pictures that emerge around winter solstice in particular.

(Hmmm…when I check previous wintery posts, I see I have visited such conundrums before. Can you relate?) To share or not to share my shadow side?

bird heartwood Sally Swain art

The Bird in the Heartwood
zooming in on the heart so you can see the teeny bird

And I can intersperse the ‘dark’images with ‘light’ pictures of my sweet Art and Soul space.

Art and Soul, Glebe, Sydney

Art and Soul playshop space in Glebe, Sydney

This space is the location of our Art and Soulstice playshop on Saturday.

Art and Soul space Glebe

Art and Soul space
Glebe, Sydney

Is it too late to join us? If perchance you are keen, I have a spot available. You’d need to send me a message in the Contact box. Today. Playshop or no; light or dark; northern summer or southern winter; wherever and however you are, I wish you a nourishing, peaceful time, full of creative joy.

Swain art earth collage

Looking Back at Earth
Sally Swain © original art

Last year’s solstice post, I asked if I should draw forth the Woman in the Moon.
And indeed I did.

art paint collage moon solstice

Drawing forth the Woman in the Moon

I wonder what art will emerge this solstice…

with love, art and soul



4 thoughts on “You are the One

  1. You make me less timid about life in general dear Sally…thank you! And yes I can definitely relate to the question of how much shadow to expose. My darkness is strong lately and timely – and now new directions and opportunities are starting to show themselves – as if my dissatisfaction has a strong purpose and is an important force for change. Thank you for your celebration of this special soul-sticey time. And for sharing your gorgeous inspiring works. And so great to see your very special art and soul space. Can’t wait to play there with you! ❤️ Love Sally M

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    • Hello dear Sally M a few seconds later!
      So lovely to receive your heartening, affirming feedback. You have a beautiful way with words. ‘My darkness is strong lately and timely’. Yes. I can relate. See you soon in the divine play space. xxx


  2. Thanks to both you Sally s for bringing attention to this important date on the creative calendar. I have found as the daylights hours grow shorter and the doors and windows are closed, I have to remind myself that this need to hibernate, to draw the dark inwards, is also natural and necessary. and yes, Sally S your art n soul space does look sweet! Hope to see you down there one of these days xxx

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    • Thank you, Linda. Somehow the call to hibernate and go inward has been factored out of our funny odd society. Or if it’s factored in, it’s seen as unnecessary or a luxury. What a strange world, emphasising the Go Go Go of Life. A bit of nourishing darkness. Yes. x


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