Play of

Allow me to

glass reflection photo Swain

I love this.
I cannot recall what it is.
Rocks and glass and floral reflections? Oh. And me photographing the mystery.
What do you think it might be?

inspire you with

Reflections photo indoor outdoor

Reflections Too
The kitchen window at a friend’s place. You see through it. The wooden dresser with little flower transfers. You see off it. The wonderful calm confusion of reflected ambiguity.

the play of light,

Inside outside reflect Swain

Reflections Three
That same friend’s house. Inside/outside become one.



urban reflections Swain photo

Reflections Four
And now for something completely different from the others. Not nature. More urban.

the microcosmos where indoors and outdoors become one.

bathroom mirror reflect photo

Reflections Five
And finally for this Friday, a sweet intimate fibro bathroom in a different friend’s rural shack.

Should I share more window and mirror art?


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