What is a Handala

and when might you need one?



mandala handala small art

Little Global Heart Handala
Sally Swain © original art

A Handala

is a little mandala

with carry-handles.

creative birth small art Swain

The Birth of the Handala
Sally Swain © original art

As invented by Sally Swain

in August, 2017

while waiting for her sister to ring back.

She began with a mini mandala, then couldn’t help herself. She followed her Creative Play Impulse to stray from the prescribed form. She added swirls on top. Handles.

Swain small art mandala

Handala in the Grass
Sally Swain © original art

Mandalas come in all shapes, sizes, cultures and times.
Some are even portable

(very Handy)

for those tricky moments when you need to self-soothe or re-enchant.

name for mandala handala

Exotic Handala
(or can you think of a better name?)
Sally Swain © original art


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