Should I risk it?

Blanket State Meant

Exactly one year ago, it was exactly one year ago.

Get to the point, Sally. You’re hedging.

eiderdown comfort

Sally’s childhood eiderdown

Exactly one year ago

it was late May. This means the end of autumn and the start of winter down here in the magical land of Oz.

crochet rug


Except exactly one year ago it was all short sleeves and sockless sunshine.

We had beautiful but spooky summer weather as we pivoted into winter.

And now we’re up to late May again and it has been unseasonably warm and unusually dry in Sydney.*



So, exactly one year ago, I did some versifying, but was nervous about sharing it with you.

Why nervous? Probably because of the strong political content; well, strong for a usually light-arted creativity blog.

But here.

crochet rug

crocheted comfort rug.

I will risk it.

I’ve risked it before, say with Senior Venus, and you didn’t seem to be brow-beaten.

Let me know if it was worth the risk this time.

(Ode to Summer-in-Autumn)

Bring on winter. Bring it sooner.

Let me use my winter doona.*

Or, if I prefer a blanket,

let me love it. Let me thank it.


Climate change. What have we done?

A wicked human web we’ve spun.


We’ve wrecked the reef. It’s plain immoral;

killing fish and bleaching coral,

stealing land and warming sea.

We’ve pumped out poison; axed the tree.


(They say there is no Planet B.

There’s also not a C or D.)


So please can we reduce emissions?

Listen to our heart renditions?

Ditch the coal, release, renew.

We know it’s what we have to do.


I didn’t mean to preach or moan.

I meant to leave you well alone.

I didn’t want to remonstrate

about our planet’s ailing state.


To tell the truth, I’d like to hide

Beneath my blanket, snug inside.


But blanket-hiders sometimes crawl

beyond the comfort zone to call

a spade a spade. What’s made is made.

And now we must Sustain or Fall.

*It’s finally turned into blanket weather.

**doona = duvet, eiderdown, quilt

Oh yeah. Here’s the link to the magnificent Artists and Climate Change blog. There are many artists out there processing, responding, expressing political views.

woolly planet

bluegreen planet of wool

earth painting acrylic

Accidental Planet Earth
sort of fuzzy at the edges


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    • Thank you so much for the delightful compliment and for the cameraderie (is that how you spell it?) in concern. Dr Seuss is an excellent inspiration to many, although apparently unpopular with publishers. Odd.

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  1. My sentiments exactly- I too am yearning to snuggle & to hibernate but not wanting to sound ungrateful for all the beautiful sunshine ☀️ You said it beautifully Art and Soulie. Thank you 😊

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