Making the Most of a

Mouldy Monet Moment

Sydney rain photo French Impressionism

View through the side mirror
a bit French Impressionist, do you think?

Sydney is a giant fungus. Every

surface you touch, indoors or out, feels like soggy cardboard. Moulds mushrooms out of crannies and crevices. I know. It’s a first world problem. At least I have a neighbourhood and a home that offers crannies and crevices. My life problems are small enough for me to complain about the weather.

Not that I’m really complaining. I’m both intrigued and repelled by life living itself on a mouldy old microscopic green and black small sticky level. A Facebook friend posted pictures of mysterious jellyfish creatures appearing on the gumleaf-floor of an inland suburban park. It’s a bit ‘Ew!’ and a bit sci-fi.

Mouldy March consists of steamy heat accompanied bysevere thunderstorm warnings and truckloads of rain. Oh dear. I really am talking about the weather. But of course the weather is no longer an innocent chat-in-the-street topic. Lurking behind seemingly lightweight rainy day conversations is a GREAT BIG ISSUE:

Climate Change.
And Here It Is. We’re In It.

2016 was the hottest year on record round here. Three months of wicked heat preceded Mouldy March.

While I’m on the hairy lairy scary subject of environment-icide, allow me to share a heart-warming (Ha. I accidentally typed heat-warming) link with you – Artists and Climate Change. This site is brimful of creative responses to our planetary predicament.

Now, let me skip back to smaller, safer territory. Because…because…it’s all too much.

rainy view through car window.
good old garbage bins. red lid for general rubbish. yellow lid for recycling.

I drove home from a challenging day at work and found a parking spot around the corner. A severe thunderstorm struck. As I didn’t feel like lurching through full-on rain with all my bags, I sat in the car waiting for the rain to ease.




tum de dum…


I mused. I watched rain wander down the windscreen in scalloped patterns.

I took photos of the view in the mirrors.

Dali melting building rain

through the car window.
melting building.
a wee bit Dali-esque?

It was a comfy space – a day-dreamy limbo-land in which to unwind.

I watched the world melt and sparkle. 

sparkly rain

Titled Untitled Rainy Abstract Car Window Musing Can’t Think of a Really Good Title

Swain photo car rain

house and eucalypt through the side mirror
a tad Japanese print-ish, do you think?
Or am I getting way beyond my station?

Have you taken photos through rainy windows? A small act of art it may be, but it was delicious to find beauty in the middle of the mushroom.


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  1. Love your Monet rain photos. It was not a mushroom March here but the mould arrived last week. Yesterday I spent about half an hour de-moulding the laundry door! Ugh.

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