Shh – the Secret Art of Hope

What is the Colour of Hope for you?

Sally Swain daffodil art

Sally Swain © original art

Cancer Council NSW’s fundraiser has art, heart and soul.

You create an image of HOPE on a 30cm x 30cm canvas.

You enter your work – shh – anonymously into an auction.

Arty Party of Hope 1

Arty Party of Hope 1

I hosted a little Arty Party for art therapists.

What could be better than purposeful creating while chatting and sipping tea?

Arty Party of Hope 2

Arty Party of Hope 2

This is the Creative Love Exchange in action.

Arty Party of Hope 3

Arty Party of Hope 3

It’s not too late to participate in Cancer Council NSW Breakthrough Art Festival.

and…I recommend hosting an Arty Party with Purpose. 

Arty Party of Hope 4

Arty Party of Hope 4

Shh. I can’t show you my work. It’s meant to be anonymous. The only clue I will reveal at this stage is…look for the smidgin of yellow peeping out from the bottom of the above photo.

Why yellow?

Well, because it’s THE COLOUR OF HOPE for me.

*Daffy and Friends. I was inspired to paint this a few years back, when the Daffodil Hotel in Lakes District, UK, bought the complete set of my Great Housewives of Art prints. Daffodil Hotel in turn is very very close to Wordsworth’s house. Wordsworth being Mr Daffodil himself.
**Cancer Council’s logo is the yellow daffodil.


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  1. What a wonderful initiative, Sally, I love this, and will share it with my friends in Oz. Many many years ago, I worked for CCNSW and found them a great organisation. Very worthwhile….

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