What do you wish to create?

Once in a blue moon…

Once in a Blue Moon Sally Swain painting

‘Once in a…’    I just happened to have previously created this blue moon (with leopard?!) paintage and couldn’t resist sharing it with you today. 
Sally Swain © original art

Friday 31st July is a blue moon night. In case you’re unsure of the conventional definition, a blue moon is

when we have two full moons in one calendar month. Not too often. Hence the ‘Once in a Blue Moon’ expression. The next one isn’t till 2018. 

Once in this blue moon…
I am offering two messages for you in one day on this Art and Soul blog. Usually, I post once a week. On Friday.
Once in this blue moon…
I have joined together

in wholly community

1. Art and Soul Creativity Coaching website
with this

2. Art and Soul Space blog.
I am a little proud, a little nervous and a little apologetic (eek) – that I’ve had to change the web address for the blog.
Please excuse any URL-style confusion.

I’d love to know:

What will YOU create this blue moon?

{Part Three of the monthly series
How to Access Your (Already Abundant) Creativity
is due to pop up in a few hours}