How to Access Your (Already Abundant) Creativity

A Flower Power Point Presentation

to be viewed one blossom at a time

(adapted from the creativity guide I wrote for the 2015 Divine Feminine Conference)

Sacre Fleur

Sacre Fleur

Flower Power Point Number One

You are Already Creative

You might have heard this before. You might not feel creative. You might think your friend, your sister, your child is creative but you are not. The truth is, we all are creative. Who says

you are a creative person only if you draw realistic portraits or compose symphonies? Very few of us feel we deserve the title of Artist, let alone Creative person, yet we are Artists of Life, in one way or another.

 It may be that you are a whizz with cultivating camellias or cooking carrot pie. You perhaps designed a funky interior space in your home, or an App or a spaceship. Maybe you exercise excellent creative skills in your relationships, your parenting, your approach to the ups and downs of daily grind.

 Consider the art of conversation. How brave and inventive we are! Apart from the How-are-you-Fine-thanks-Lovely-weather-we’re-having chat, a conversation involves venturing into the unknown, improvising, generating new material, listening and responding. It is a creative act.

Do you identify yourself as a creative being?

Stay tuned for Flower Power Point Number Two in June… 


2 thoughts on “How to Access Your (Already Abundant) Creativity

  1. Oh yes, I definitely identify myself as a creative being. And I totally agree with you. We are all creative in one way or another. We have all been created to create. I love it.
    Great post.


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